2014 Live it Outloud Educational Guitar Clinic

I recently directed the guitar educational clinics for the Live it Outloud summer program at Pacific Studios in Tacoma. We covered topics including studio etiquette, song composition, technique and clarity, and guitar technology. I had a great time working with these talented players! There is still more to come as the program continues!

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2014 WMEA Friend of Music Award!

Wow! What an honor to be recognized by the WMEA with their 2014 Friend of Music Award! I am very proud and humbled by this award and will continue to do my best to be a strong supporter and advocate for music education and services in our schools and locally owned businesses!

Special thanks to my colleague and friend Tom Walworth for presenting the award and the very encouraging words regarding our continued working relationship.

Thanks everyone!

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2014 Live it Outloud Summer Rock Band Program

Leon Christian Guitar Lessons Live it Outloud Tacoma Seattle Federal Way WA

I am proud to be a mentor for the Ted Brown Music Outreach program's "Live it Outloud" summer rock music school! This is an excellent 8-week program, lead by industry icon Joe Wilson, designed to teach aspiring young musicians about what it takes to be in the music and entertainment business. I will also be heading several clinics on topics such as studio etiquette, recording techniques, guitar technology, guitar setup, and live performance and developing stage presence. It is going to be an awesome experience starting June 12th!

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Improvisation and Musicianship Masterclass at Todd Beamer HS

I had a blast working with the Todd Beamer HS Jazz bands this past Wednesday! Stephen Kennedy has a great music program there and some very talented young musicians. We worked on improvising, solos and musical expression. I am honored to have had the opportunity to share music with you guys! 

I will be appearing at other schools in Federal Way and the Seattle-Tacoma areas the near future and hopefully I'll be back at Beamer soon! 
You guys Rocked!!!

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Mother's Day Concert at the Rhododendron Species Garden

Leon Christian Classical Guitar Rhododendron Botanical Garden Recital

What a wonderful weekend playing for the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden "Mother's Day Weekend in the Garden" event at the Weyerhaeuser arboretum. The place was packed today as mothers and families came to enjoy the beautiful gardens and enjoy in the festivities. I hope mothers everywhere had a wonderful day today! I was even blessed to have my own mother come to the event and she was gifted a beautiful yellow flowered rhododendron plant by the society! I hope if I make it to 97 years old I will get stuff for free too! 

There are more events to come... Stay tuned for more info! 

Happy Mother's Day and best wishes to all!

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Classical Guitar Concert at the Antique Sandwich Co.

I would like to say thank you to all who came out to my first solo guitar performance in two years. I have been busy performing guitar concerti with local symphony and chamber orchestras. It was a great time and a full house! Special thanks to Franko Fountaine, David Hirst, and The Antique Sandwich Company for hosting the event.

The  Antique Sandwich Company  in Tacoma, WA: A beautiful intimate venue for those who love classical music recitals, sandwiches, or pies!

The Antique Sandwich Company in Tacoma, WA: A beautiful intimate venue for those who love classical music recitals, sandwiches, or pies!

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Private lessons Now Available at the Federal Way School of Music!

I am pleased to announce that I am now available to teach lessons at the Federal Way School of Music with my good friend Steve Lynch from the band Autograph! We have some excellent teachers here on a variety of instruments and I am honored to be here with all these talented musicians!

I am now accepting a limited number of new students. Slots fill quickly so please contact me today for availability!